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The Airstream

The Good Sam Insurance Agency has been offering insurance to people who love to travel for nearly fifty years, so it only makes sense that we provide policies for Airstream owners. The Airstream dates back to the 1930's as one of the first recreational vehicles.
At The Good Sam Insurance Agency, we understand the desire to own an American camping icon. We also know just how important it is to make sure your Airstream is fully covered in case of accident or injury. Whether Airstream is your choice for camping or for full time living, The Good Sam Insurance Agency has a policy that will put you at ease.
The Airstream brand is rich in history dating back to the 1930’s. With sheer determination, Airstream survived the Great Depression and World War 2 and today is one of the most recognizable American brands in history. Owners are passionate about the silver travel trailer that looks like art in motion. In fact, whenever possible, these RVers band together to travel in caravans or gather in rallies. There are even several Airstream-only parks across the United States. Airstream is known for its distinctive polished aluminum exterior and its notable rivets.
These unique travel trailers range from a mere 16 feet to a full 34 feet and are a standard eight-feet wide. Airstreams are lightweight and easy to pull using a variety of vehicles. While a few Airstream models have featured slide outs, most retain the classic tunnel design. The most popular floor plan offers panoramic front bay windows that promote an open feeling even without a slide.
While Airstream features vary from trailer to trailer, most will include flat screen entertainment systems, LED lighting, sound systems, solar ready packages, galley kitchens, oversized showers, big windows, skylights, rounded aluminum ceilings and large wardrobes.

Insurance - The Good Sam Difference

Airstreams are available across the country and include vintage, Airstream restoration, and new models from the dealer. No matter what type of Airstream you choose to own, The Good Sam Insurance Agency offers insurance to protect your piece of the American pastime.
Our specialized RV insurance coverage goes far beyond any ordinary auto insurance policy. We take pride in offering our customers customizable coverage that resonates with the full time or part time Airstream owner. At The Good Sam Insurance Agency, we understand the RV lifestyle and have designed features and benefits to give you security, flexibility, and affordability.
Auto insurance companies may offer basic RV coverage, but only The Good Sam Insurance Agency makes sure you get what you need every time. We understand the intricacies of owning an Airstream, and we know it’s more than just protecting your vehicle in a crash.
Let’s face it: at some point in owning your Airstream, you may need to make a claim. Now is the time to ensure you have complete and comprehensive coverage so that in the event of a claim, our exceptional staff is there to help you. At the Good Sam Insurance Agency, our claims professionals will ensure your complete satisfaction and provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward.
For nearly fifty years, The Good Sam Insurance Agency has offered its customers value and service that go far beyond the basics. Airstream owners deserve special attention and at The Good Sam Insurance Agency, we make sure they get it!