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At The Good Sam Insurance Agency, we take the worry out of your travels. Our RV Insurance policies offer complete peace of mind so you can focus on your trip, not your insurance. Whether you RV in a travel trailer or truck camper, we know that you want to explore and we’re here to make sure those adventures are protected.
Whether you’re looking to start an RV life or looking to downsize one, a truck camper is a great way to see the world. A truck camper slips onto the back of the pickup truck and offers a cab-over sleeping area much like the Class C; the difference lies in the fact that a truck camper is entirely contained within the bed of the truck.
Truck campers range from 8 to 14 feet in length, and the width will vary from a scant 69 inches up to 100 inches. While these campers are small, a few floorplans will sleep up to six people using convertible bed systems.
While truck campers are small, they include most of the features you expect in a typical RV only in miniature size - kitchens, all in one shower/bathrooms, dinettes that convert into beds and of course, a cab-over bed.

Camper Insurance - The Good Sam Difference

Truck campers need insurance coverage just like any other RV. The Good Sam Insurance Agency offers a variety of policies that combine your truck and RV onto one convenient policy.
At The Good Sam Insurance Agency, our specialized RV insurance coverage goes far beyond ordinary auto insurance. We take pride in offering our customers customizable coverage that resonates with the full time or part time RVer. At The Good Sam Insurance Agency, we understand the truck camper lifestyle and have designed features and benefits to give you security, flexibility, and affordability.
Auto insurance companies may offer basic RV coverage, but The Good Sam Insurance Agency makes sure you get what you need every time. We understand the intricacies of owning a truck camper, and we know it’s more than just protecting your vehicle in a crash; that’s why Good Sam Insurance policies cover everything from awnings to retractable stairs.
Let’s face it: at some point in your RV career; you may need to make a claim. Now is the time to ensure you have complete and comprehensive coverage; that way our exceptional staff is there to help in the event of a claim. RVers deserve special attention and at The Good Sam Insurance Agency, we make sure they get it!