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RVs are personal; that's why there are so many choices. At The Good Sam Insurance Agency, we understand the need for custom policies specific to your RV needs.
In fact, not every RV fits into a particular category.
Here are a few of our favorite RV's that defy category. Each is unique in its own way and fits a particular RV lover's lifestyle.
Pop-up Tent Campers
A pop up tent trailer can be pulled by most vehicles due to its lightweight, collapsible style. When assembled, a pop-up trailer will provide sleeping space for up to six guests. These trailers take less than an hour to set up, and are affordable, dependable and come with features like a mini kitchen, two sleeping rooms, a convertible dinette/bed and sometimes even a bathroom. Just like a tent, a pop-up camper uses fabric screening to create the wall enclosures, but unlike tents, guests are raised off the ground and enjoy an RV like an experience.
Bus conversions
A professional bus conversion is a luxury home on wheels. There are also many full-time travelers who call a bus conversion their home.
Bus conversions range in price from $1-3 million new and are a favorite RV to buy after they have depreciated. Bus conversions offer up to four slide outs, multiple bathrooms, various sleeping arrangements and gourmet kitchens. Everything in a conversion is custom fitted for the perfect luxury home feel. A typical bus is at least 36 feet in length with most being a full 45 feet. With a diesel engine, these RVs are often called the "million mile coach."
Horse Trailer with Living Quarters
Horse friendly RV's are an ever growing segment of the recreational vehicle market. With up to 53 feet of length, designers combined living space with stall space for up to six horses. Depending on your needs, a horse/living combination may offer a bathroom, changing area, bedroom, and kitchen. Horses have built in comfort mats, mangers and tack rooms. For a horse lover, this RV allows you to take your favorite companion with you wherever you roam.
Semis and Toterhomes
If you are looking for a motorhome on a large tractor style chassis, you may want to consider a Toterhome. Toterhomes so called because they are "toted around" by the semi-tractor. Lengths of these RV's can vary, and most are built for a particular purpose or hobby. Toterhomes are popular with racers because they can easily tow an oversized race car cargo trailer. These are large custom built RV's with 12-speed auto shift, auto leveling, multiple slide outs and 40K trailer hitches. Inside is a traditional RV with a full kitchen, fridge, living area, dining table, bedroom, and TVs. Toterhomes come in a variety of sizes from 12 to over 45 feet long.
Toy Haulers
A toy hauler can be a travel trailer or a fifth wheel with a large ramp door. The RV has a designated garage space for carrying motorcycles or bringing a smart car. While toy haulers range in size from a tiny 20 feet to a full 40 feet, they often offer more slideouts than other RV's, which increases the interior space.
Toy haulers are known for their modern designs and updated features including fireplaces, elevated decks, sliding glass doors, wheelchair accessibility, and rooftop seating.

Other RV Insurance - The Good Sam Difference

Owning an RV and choosing RV insurance doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to get a free quote.
The Good Sam Insurance Agency offers RV's complete, full protection. Our specialized RV insurance goes far beyond that of any ordinary auto insurance. We take pride in offering our customers customizable coverage that resonates with the full or part time RVer. At The Good Sam Insurance Agency, we understand the RV lifestyle and have designed features and benefits to give you security, flexibility and affordability; that’s why RV owners seek out The Good Sam Insurance Agency over other companies time and again.
Auto insurance companies may offer basic RV coverage, but only The Good Sam Insurance Agency makes sure you get what you need every time. We understand the intricacies of owning an RV, and know that it’s more than just protecting your vehicle in a crash; that’s why The Good Sam Insurance Agency covers everything from awnings and generators to retractable stairs.
Let’s face it: at some point in your RV career, you may need to make a claim; now is the time to ensure you have complete and comprehensive coverage; that way our exceptional staff is there when you need to file a claim. Good Sam Insurance claims professionals will ensure your complete satisfaction and provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward.
The Good Sam Insurance Agency has a history of offering its customers value and service that go far beyond the basics. RVers deserve special attention and at The Good Sam Insurance Agency, we make sure they get it!