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The Good Sam Insurance Agency understands the importance of owning the right RV. When it comes to RV insurance, The Good Sam Insurance Agency knows exactly what you need.

Class A Motorhome
A Class A Motorhome is built on a specially designed chassis and fully prepared for a weekend adventure or full-time living. Class A's are available in both short and long coach versions, which range from 25 to 45 feet in length. Most Class A's will sleep at least four guests, with two in the master and two on a convertible couch.
Class B Motorhome (camper van)
A Class B motorhome uses a traditional van or panel-truck shell and converts into a mini home on wheels. These camping vans range in size from 16-22 feet in length and can sleep up to four people.
Class C Motorhome
One of our favorite RV's is the Class C motorhome, often called "the family coach." The Class C provides luxury travel without the expense, and when it comes to camping out, there are plenty of beds for everyone!
The Good Sam Insurance Agency has your Airstream covered. We offer Airstream owners complete, full featured protection. Imagine yourself on the open road, driving without reservation.
5th Wheel
One of the most popular RV's on the road today is the 5th Wheel. This trailer style unit is named for the hitch. Instead of connecting at the bumper, the 5th wheel couples in the back of the truck bed. This rotating coupling is called the 5th wheel and allows the trailer to hang over the top of the truck bed, increasing the interior living space. The area over the truck has traditionally been built as a bedroom.
Truck Camper
While truck campers are small, they include most of the features you expect in a typical RV only in miniature size - kitchens, all in one shower/bathrooms, dinettes that convert into beds and of course, a cab-over bed.
Travel Trailer
One of the stars of any RV dealership is the travel trailer. These non-motorized RVs are pulled by a pickup truck, SUV, or sometimes even a car. Travel trailers can sleep anywhere from two to ten people.
Other RVs
There are a few RV's that defy category. Each is unique in its own way and fits a particular RV lover's lifestyle.