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If you're a full-time RVer and live in your recreational vehicle, you need coverage similar to Homeowners.

Whatever vehicle you drive, under-inflated tires are unsafe and costly.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Designed to protect your residence and also your peace of mind.

Selecting the Right RV Insurance Coverages

Selecting the right coverage is a balance of "right now" and "right for the future." What does that mean?
It means coming up with the right balance of coverages, deductibles and services that makes sense for you, while also taking into account:
  • The type of recreational vehicle you are insuring
  • Your RV lifestyle – when, where and how often you use your recreational vehicle
  • Your family situation
  • Your financial situation

Where do I start when selecting RV coverage?
An expensive RV may require more money to repair. A leased or financed RV may require paying back the bank or leasing company should a total loss occur.
When you have an expensive recreational vehicle or repairs are particularly expensive, consider higher levels of RV insurance to accommodate these higher costs.
Is your RV customized with permanently installed features?
Consider specialized RV insurance from the Good Sam Insurance Agency that includes  Permanent Attachments Coverage, which automatically insure permanent attachments for the full amount it would cost to replace them - not a depreciated amount.
If your RV is a total loss or stolen and not recovered, do you have the funds to replace it?
Consider special coverage to protect your investment, like Optional Full Replacement Cost Coverage offered through the Good Sam Insurance Agency: If your RV is totaled or stolen (and not recovered) in its first five model years, it will be replaced with a comparable new RV, even if you're not the original owner. After the first five model years, you will receive your full original purchase price - not a depreciated amount - toward the purchase of a replacement RV. Replacement Cost Coverage must be purchased during the RV's model year or within the following four years. This Optional Full Replacement Cost Coverage protects you from depreciation and could save you thousands!
If you suffered an injury in an accident - even a minor one - would you have medical coverage through an employer or other means to pay for those expenses?
If not, Medical Payments coverage is very important.
These are a few things you'll need to consider when finding the right mix of coverage options for you. For more information, get an RV insurance quote or call 1-888-514-1116  for expert assistance in selecting the best RV insurance coverage for you and your family.

Availability, eligibility, coverages, features and benefits may vary by state and carrier. The content herein is for descriptive purposes only. 
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