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Good Sam Insurance Agency Customer Reviews

The Good Sam Insurance Agency has been serving the needs of recreational vehicle owners for nearly 50 years. From our very first customer to the thousands we serve today, we have always prided ourselves on providing an excellent customer experience. We train our agents extensively to ensure that each and every customer gets the proper level of coverage for your unique RV lifestyle. Our goal is 100% complete customer satisfaction, and we’re pleased to earn some of the highest customer ratings in the industry. We encourage you to check out reviews from some of our current Good Sam Insurance customers below.
Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company In an effort to get reliable customer feedback relating to our products and services, the Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company. The Good Sam Insurance Agency trusts Birdeye to aquire relevent, honest reviews about your experience with our Agency so we may better serve you as our customer.
Date Rating Customer Comment Our Response
12/11/2018 Rating Very pleasant experience, saved $273.00 over Allstate quote and much better coverage.
12/11/2018 Rating Jason Young was the rep I dealt with, he was very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to get me a great rate on my Motorhome.. I certainly would recommend Good Sam Insurance Agency to anyone who is seeking vehicle ins.
12/11/2018 Rating Very friendly and helpful agent.
12/11/2018 Rating The person I spoke to on the phone was extremely friendly and knowledgeable.
12/11/2018 Rating Very knowledgeable staff, very friendly and good rates
12/11/2018 Rating It was great
12/11/2018 Rating Very pleasant sales person and very satisfied. Thanks!
12/11/2018 Rating my experience with good sam met all my insurance needs, and your agent was very helpful and easy to do business with. every time we have had a problem your company has been right there and taken care of us in a timely matter.
12/11/2018 Rating All good, went well
12/11/2018 Rating It was ok. But too much up selling by aget
12/11/2018 Rating Excellent job - everything was laid out so we could understand. Very fast service and excellent communication through the process of insuring our camper.
12/11/2018 Rating Dianna was very helpful the entire process of purchasing insurance. She made sure that I got the best rates.
12/11/2018 Rating We first tried getting a quote from the website, the site froze up on us so we called. Diana was great, helped us complete the process and get our rig insured.
12/11/2018 Rating I haven't seen the written documents yet.
12/11/2018 Rating Great customer service!
12/10/2018 Rating Representative was helpful.
12/10/2018 Rating My rep Eddie Robinson was very helpful and followed up in a timely but not annoying manner. The price quote was very competitive and I would recommend that you give them a call. You will save money...
12/10/2018 Rating I believe besides your fair offer to help me save money, one more reason for choosing your company was because of your outstanding insurance representative Tierney Brown. She was very professional, personable, knowledgeable and helpful through the entire process of coming on board with your company and set me at ease with her confidant reassurance of answering all of my questions and went above and beyond what I expected by taking care of a matter that needed attention. Thank you for giving me a great experience and I look forward to having your company as my new insurance provider. Sincerely Tammy G.
12/10/2018 Rating The agent set me up with monthly payment that helped my current budget. Didn't really understand why I had to have a new policy; as opposed to keeping the same policy when all the coverages etc. remained the same
12/10/2018 Rating GREAT .SAVED ME MONEY.
12/10/2018 Rating welcoming, informative, versatile
12/10/2018 Rating Not quite what was expected. We have always maintained ongoing "critter" control as anyone and everyone with an RV - whether trailer or camper - knows that small creatures are a constant threat. There is no way to seal up all possible entrances to such a vehicle. SO, with that in mind, we were always careful to set traps and monitor any possible entrances. Thus, our surprise upon being told that a 'mouse' had gotten into our motorhome and caused the resulting problem with the wiring. What should never have occurred wound up being a very expensive episode. Learning that such an occurrence was excluded from coverage was an unexpected surprise.
12/10/2018 Rating The person we talked to was very helpful. They knew what we were looking for.
12/10/2018 Rating ok at this time
12/10/2018 Rating I liked my agent, John. Everything was explained well. However I was not able to connect to the Direct line that you wanted me to connect with.
12/10/2018 Rating fine much better rate
12/10/2018 Rating Tierney was great! She explained everything to my husband and I and answered all our questions! Will definitely recommend!
12/10/2018 Rating Working with Iretha was a pleasure! She made the process very easy.
12/10/2018 Rating Informative and Edison was knowledgeable. Have several choices and recommendations.
12/10/2018 Rating Very easy process. The agent was very helpful and got me a great price.
12/10/2018 Rating No experience. Just bought the policy. Time will tell. Hopefully I won't have to use it, but if I do??? Nice talking to the broker, Ana.
12/10/2018 Rating Representative was very knowledgeable. Reviewed several companies to get the best coverage and rates. Saved us money and we have better coverage.
12/10/2018 Rating Ellen was extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and a pleasure to work with.
12/10/2018 Rating Very easy to do business with
12/10/2018 Rating Contacted via internet. Received a phone call from agent and bought a policy. It was smooth and had no problems. James, we're glad to hear that both our online and over-the-phone processes worked well for you. We work hard to put systems together that best serve the needs of our customers, and are glad to hear that we hit the mark with you. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out to your friends at the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
12/10/2018 Rating If working with Good Sam's Eric is representation of future service; i'm sold! What a compliment, Doug! We sure hope it is, and will do everything in our power to ensure you get that same kind of treatment going forward. Welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We're honored to earn your business.
12/10/2018 Rating Completely satisfied with treatment, attention to detail and professionalism of agent Harvey. We'll be sure to let Jerrell and his supervisor know. Thank you so much, Daniel. We're happy to hear that our Good Sam Insurance Agents are providing the top-notch service for which we're known!
12/09/2018 Rating Very well organized and didn't take long to get a quote at all. Gave me the amount of coverage I wanted and needed. We're so glad to hear that, Charlotte. It's important that you get the right amount of coverage for your vehicle and the way in which you use it. And we know that could always change, so if you have any questions or need any additional information, we encourage you to call us. Thanks so much, Charlotte, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
12/09/2018 Rating My new policy was handled in a professional and timely manner
12/09/2018 Rating very easy to understand and apply for rates and needs
12/09/2018 Rating Very helpful, efficient agent (Brandon Kortan).
12/09/2018 Rating Mo was friendly and helpful. Good Sam really works to get us the best insurance at a great rate! We sure do, Cameron, and we're glad that you noticed! Welcome to the Good Sam family. We're so pleased to have you with us!
12/09/2018 Rating Great experience
12/09/2018 Rating My agent is really what sold this policy because he was so thorough and nice.
12/09/2018 Rating Easy, fast and timely.
12/09/2018 Rating It is hard to review when claim is not done and I keep getting these emails. You need to check into where the claim is before sending out all these annoying emails
12/09/2018 Rating I thought I had insurance arranged initially, but came to find out, that was a mistake. I had spoken to Dominique nearly 3 weeks earlier, but she still was able to pull up my information and the whole process was very easy. We're so glad to hear that Dominique was able to assist you with your insurance needs, Michael. Thank you so much for choosing the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We hope you'll keep us in mind should you need anything else.
12/08/2018 Rating I did not know how much insurance to get for my truck and trailer. Randa was very helpful and informative. There's a lot to know about RV insurance, Mark, and we're glad that Randa could help provide you with the information you needed. In fact, if you didn't already, we encourage you to save her contact information in your phone; that way she's easily accessible when you need her. Thanks again, Mark, from your friends at The Good Sam Insurance Agency.
12/08/2018 Rating Matt did a great job of informing me of my benefit. thanks Matt is one of the best, Charliene, and we're glad to hear that you got to experience his high-level customer service skills. And if you need anything else, we hope you'll contact him directly. He'd love to continue providing the customer service for which the Good Sam Insurance Agency is known.
12/08/2018 Rating Our agent was able to set up our new RV policy over the phone in a short time and saved us a great deal of money due to the discounts he applied to our policy. Very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Congratulations on saving so much money, Kenneth. We know how important it is to stay on-budget these days, Kenneth, and are glad that we could help put some money back into your pocket. On behalf of the Good Sam Insurance Agency, thanks again, Kenneth, and welcome to the Good Sam family!
12/08/2018 Rating Your agent was dishonest. I authorized a specific amount to be charged to my debit card and the agent charged double the amount that was authorized. I could then nevert reach the agent who was supposed to be my agent. He also set the account up for automatic payments which was not authorized. I have noe cancelled the automatic payments. I still do not have a copy olf the policy nor ID cards and do not know how to receive them. Would I recommend you? NO
12/08/2018 Rating I spoke with 2 agents and both were excellent. I look forward to many years with Good Sam.
12/08/2018 Rating Prompt quote on replacement insurance for my MotorHome. Premium over $500 below the renewal quote from my current carrier, with lower deductibles that decrease each claim-free year. Very satisfied. And so are we, James! Thank you so much for providing such detail about your experience with the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We know your satisfaction will just increase so long as you're with the Good Sam Insurance Agency. Thanks, again, and please be sure to let us know how else we can help you.
12/08/2018 Rating It was quick and easy
12/08/2018 Rating Reasonable price, easy to get a quote. Personal follow-up.
12/08/2018 Rating It was just ok but had a little confusion about a document I.needed to get n he was very rude
12/08/2018 Rating I went shopping for Rv Insurance and they saved me on RV and Auto rates. Keith, by bundling your auto and RV insurance, you likely saved as much as 20% on your insurance premium. We like to think of that extra money as money that you can put back into your RV adventures. Thanks again, Keith, from your friends at the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
12/08/2018 Rating Very good versatile insurance for RVs We couldn't have written a better review if we had written it ourselves, Robert. Thank you so much for your excellent customer rating of the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We appreciate your business and your feedback.
12/08/2018 Rating Great service
12/08/2018 Rating I had the best experience ever dealing with the agent who helped me get my new insurance policies. I would recommend you to my friends and family. Eric Smith from you Portland Oregon office is a master at knowing about all kinds of insurance. I did my autos, new motor home and my house. I also got the extended RV insurance for 7 years, great insurance. Thanks Good Sam and Eric. On behalf of Eric and the rest of the Good Sam Insurance Agency, you are so welcome, Nancy! We are pleased to be able to provide you with the necessary assistance for your recreational vehicle needs, as well as your auto and home insurance needs. If you have any questions or need any additional information, just let us know. Thanks again, Nancy, and welcome to the Good Sam family.
12/08/2018 Rating While parking out new RV my husband hit an 18 wheeler. We called Good Sams. The person u talked was polite, knowledgeable & caring. She got me to the coaim’s adjuster. Sending pictures of the damage was so very easy. We received a check in a very timely manner. All of the people I talked to were friendly, caring and professional. Would recommend you to anyone. Thanks so much for recommending the Good Sam Insurance Agency, Irene. More importantly, we're sorry to hear about your accident and hope that you, your husband and RV are okay. We know that recovering from an accident can take some time, and encourage you to let us know if you need anything else.
12/07/2018 Rating The easiest people to deal with and very professional and knowledgeable. Took me through all the steps , step by step . I recommend this to all whom are looking into this insurance for there RV . Thank you sincerely Joe Courtney Thank you so much, Joe. We know that your review will really help other RVers searching for the proper insurance. Thanks, again, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
12/07/2018 Rating Easy to get coverage we needed.
12/07/2018 Rating From start to finish the process was easy, very informative, professional. I have no complaints and I had checked with other insurance companies before this. Geico and progressive were double what I paid going through Good Sam’s. Thank you very much, A very happy camper Sonia, we always encourage our customers to do their homework before committing to an insurance provider. It helps ensure that you're getting the best insurance at the best rate possible. In the end, however, we're of course glad that you chose the Good Sam Insurance Agency and know that you'll be more than thrilled with the features and benefits provided by your policy. Thanks again for choosing us, Sonia. We appreciate your business.
12/07/2018 Rating Representative did a super job in getting information back to me once I gave her my information.
12/07/2018 Rating you did great friendly
12/07/2018 Rating The coverages were well explained, I particularly like the reduced rate when the RV is stored off-season. Being in the Northeast, that saves us a lot! Every little bit helps, Kenneth! In fact, we like to think of that extra savings as money that you can put back into your RV adventures. Thanks again, Kenneth, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency!
12/07/2018 Rating I am very happy more for my money Thanks John It's always nice to have a little more cash in your pocket, isn't it, Pamm?! Thanks so much for your business. The Good Sam Insurance Agency appreciates your business.
12/07/2018 Rating good work finding me insurance fro my motor home thank you. You are so welcome, Raymond. At the Good Sam Insurance Agency, we really do specialize in recreational vehicle insurance. In fact, we product an RV ebook every year, which our customers find helpful. If you haven't already, we encourage you to check it out: When you're done, we'd love to know what you thought. Thanks again, Raymond!
12/07/2018 Rating Great service, good rates. Quick and easy.
12/07/2018 Rating It was a pleasure working with Josh Zito! We'll be sure to tell him, Kerry. Thanks for allowing Josh the opportunity to assist you with your Good Sam Insurance policy. If you need anything else, he'll be a phone call away, waiting to assist you. Thanks again, Kerry!
12/07/2018 Rating Great price
12/07/2018 Rating I think once everything got started, it was taken care of very swiftly.
12/07/2018 Rating You couldn’t come with tow because we were on private property. Nothing I’ve seen tells us this. This is the 2nd time I contacted you about towing and you couldn’t make it or said not covered.
12/07/2018 Rating you all were fast knowledgeable and professional and got what i was looking for thanks. Tom
12/07/2018 Rating quick and easy and what I needed.
12/07/2018 Rating Was quick and simple to get insurance for my 18ft camper We're so glad we could help, Joel. We know how difficult it can be to find insurance for larger recreational vehicles, and we're so glad that you entrusted us with the care of your RV. If you need anything else, we hope the Good Sam Insurance Agency will come to mind. Thanks again, Joel. We appreciate your business!
12/06/2018 Rating Customer service rep walked me through the procedure and helped get our account activated Thanks
12/06/2018 Rating was very happy with the help and care I was given
12/06/2018 Rating Your agent was great
12/06/2018 Rating You did fine
12/06/2018 Rating Quotes were speedy and reasonable. Staff was very helpful and professional. I feel like I was given the best service I could ask for. Thanks. What a review, Robert! Thank you so much! We're honored to earn such high marks from you, and appreciate your valuable feedback. Welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency!
12/06/2018 Rating Too hard to get all the details on the extended warranty plan
12/06/2018 Rating Lucy was very helpful and made this a very quick and easy procedure to obtain insurance for our new RV at a very affordable cost, Thx Chris Congratulations on your new RV, Christopher! We're thrilled to hear that Lucy was able to help you obtain the best insurance possible for your new RV. If you need anything else, please be sure to call Lucy or any one of our other Good Sam agents. Thanks again, Christopher.
12/06/2018 Rating We had already signed up with our local agent so that we would be covered on the way home after purchase.....after talking with Brittney it was clear that your coverage was more travel trailer specific and also the price was better.....we are pleased Lamar, The Good Sam Insurance Agency has spent years serving the needs of RV owners. We take pride in knowing all types of RVs and really do consider ourselves as recreational vehicle experts. We're proud of that knowledge and the way in which we use it to provide excellent insurance coverage for customers like you. Thanks for your kind words, Lamar, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
12/06/2018 Rating Every one was so helpful and friendly. Great experience!
12/06/2018 Rating Very helpful, quick and easy
12/06/2018 Rating Got the job done with a minimum of fuss.
12/06/2018 Rating Thank y’all so much for offering competitive rates in an Airstream friendly environment. Ms.Marissa Mercurio was Outstanding! You are so welcome, Michael! We know you have many fun weekend memories ahead, and think you might benefit from checking out our free RV ebook: It's a quick and easy read, designed to help make the RVing lifestyle a little easier. Once complete, we'd love to know what you thought!
12/06/2018 Rating Great service and pricing
12/06/2018 Rating The customer representative could not have been better. Cory was knowledgeable and pleasant. 5 stars Thank You. You are so welcome, Douglas. The pleasure really was all ours. And if you need anything else, please be sure to contact your Good Sam agent Cory directly. He'd love to hear from you. Thanks again, Douglas!
12/06/2018 Rating Had a great experience with Jason Young helped us immensely would recommend your site to anyone Thank you so much, Cathy. We're pleased that both and our agent worked so well for you. If you need anything else, you know where to find us! :)
12/06/2018 Rating Renee was a great sales rep Thanks for letting us know, Jack, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency!
12/06/2018 Rating Very Friendly and helpful agent (Greg). New our needs, delivered price as promised and seemless policy application and enrollment. Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us about your experience with Greg, Mary. We're honored to hear from you, but more importantly, are thrilled that you got exactly what you needed during your time with the Good Sam Insurance Agency. If you need anything else, we hope you'll give Greg another call. Thanks again, Mary!
12/06/2018 Rating Very helpful and knowledgeable representative. Would highly recommend. Thank you for recommending the Good Sam Insurance Agency, Georgeanne. We'd love to assist anyone you send our way, and encourage them to visit or call us at 1-888-514-1116 to speak with an agent today.
12/06/2018 Rating All good, happy with experience
12/06/2018 Rating I had a great experience ! The assistance that I received when purchasing insurance for my first travel trailer was top notch! That's great to hear, Justin. Thanks so much for letting us know. We're honored that you chose the Good Sam Insurance Agency for RV insurance, and know that you'll be more than pleased with the features and benefits provided by your policy. Congratulations on your first RV and welcome to the Good Sam family!
12/06/2018 Rating So far all is good, but it's not finished yet, my car is still in the body shop, We're sorry to hear that, Dale. Please let us know once it's out. We'd love to know when its been repaired and you're back on the road safely. Thanks again, Dale.
12/06/2018 Rating Our agent was very professional & knowledgeable.
12/06/2018 Rating My experience with NGC was excellent. They had a lot of patience with an old man!!!! Of course we did, Robert! We understand that buying insurance can be a confusing thing, and simply want to be there to answer our customer's questions. And if you need anything else, we're always just a click or call away. Thanks again, Robert, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
12/06/2018 Rating All went well he was very helpful
12/05/2018 Rating ALL WAS GOOD
12/05/2018 Rating We have had great difficulty reaching the claims representative. We did previously and the past 2 days we have called and got the message box and have not had a return call. About 2 weeks ago we received a notice that our check was being mailed. We still have not received it. Samuel Artman has been our contact person.
12/05/2018 Rating Very well done
12/05/2018 Rating Service was very couldn’t have been any better.tow truck was there before I was, waiting for me great job, thanks.
12/05/2018 Rating The whole team has been fantastic to work with. Deer t-boned me on my way to wotk one morning & my first call was to my new insurance company. And I was amazed at how pleasant & helpful every person was that I talked to. Since that initial call, everything has been timely & better than I had hoped. They've worked with my body shop, agreed to cover all additional damages found, helped me get the rental car I'd need for an extended length of time, and all along have asked me how I am & if there's anything else I need, with a pleasant & sincere tone. I felt like they really cared & understood what I needed or was looking for. I was with my previous insurance company for over 20 years & concerned about this 'new' company-how they'd handle me & my claim. I don't regret the switch. Josh Minshall has been absolutely FANTASTIC. Thank You!
12/05/2018 Rating Agent very knowledgeable.
12/05/2018 Rating Eddie Robinson was simply fantastic. The experience could not have been better.
12/05/2018 Rating Very well. Had a good knowledge Your products.
12/05/2018 Rating great service!
12/05/2018 Rating Clear, concise information gathering, gracious contact person
12/05/2018 Rating My auto ins. has no idea about rv's ,but they still took my money. We have a park model trailer that stays at our campground on a seasonal site, and we have a super "c" motorhome. Your agent Randy knew the differences and he saved us 50% of what we were paying. Thanks good sam for having a 1st class service with people that know there product and care about there customers Thanks again
12/05/2018 Rating The Good Sam agent Kraig Carlson was knowledgeable and easy to work with throughout the process. He was able to provide several insurance options from which to choose. The process was very smooth from start to finish. Thank you.
12/05/2018 Rating great job Moe!
12/05/2018 Rating Very easy to use on line application. One call back from agent and the policy was finalized, payed for and the final policy was received. Very impressive!
12/05/2018 Rating Customer service is par excellent
12/05/2018 Rating Gregory made it easy navigating through the insurance process.
12/05/2018 Rating We were found a great rate and explained very good what we were getting
12/05/2018 Rating Fast easy and fair price!
12/05/2018 Rating easy to work with, friendly, professional,
12/05/2018 Rating Expert knowledge of products available and convenient hours for contacting
12/05/2018 Rating The rep was good about different options but I wanted to compare to my current policy. She was to get back to me but after a week she had. Ot so I had to call her.
12/05/2018 Rating My recent claim was approved to pay for the parts needed to replace my roof material and tv antenna but there was a disagreement between the rv repair center and National General about the labor rate and hours needed to complete the job. National General pays $115.00 / hr and my rv repair center charges $120.00 / hr so I need to pay the difference in the labor rate. So I am happy that the parts were covered but wish that the complete labor rate had been covered.
12/05/2018 Rating A very pleasant and professional experience. Beat my old insurer's premiums by a mile.
12/05/2018 Rating All was fine. Received my Policy Summary to add an additional 4 dollars to the total. No problem. Still trying to get the two reports, that was told I had, (wreck reports, stating I was not at fault). Fax/Email as soon as possible. Thank you.
12/05/2018 Rating Review sent earlier, correction to Insurance is National General. Thank you.
12/05/2018 Rating Love it and rich was super
12/05/2018 Rating I appreciate the information and time Randa spent helping with our decision to go with America National Ins. She was very informative.
12/05/2018 Rating The agent that I talked to seemed to know what he was talking about and was very professional
12/05/2018 Rating Everyone I talked to was very professional.
12/05/2018 Rating Your Agent was extremely helpful. He was able to consolidate our 4 vehicles and Rv into one package which saved us $1000.00 compared to where we had been with Foremost and Travelers. That's great news, Thomas! We know that extra $1000 will be put to good use. Welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We're honored to have you as a customer.
12/05/2018 Rating In the middle of a fairly serious repair with frame damage. Samuel, the adjuster usually answers the phone when it rings. The one time it went to voice mail he called me back the same day. He always has up-to-date information and has answered my questions. They assigned a field inspector immediately who was in touch with the repair shop quickly. The insurance company asked for one item on the estimate to be more detailed - fairly reasonable I thought. The check came through very soon after the shop completed their estimate. We're not to the end of the process, but so far the insurance company has been great.
12/05/2018 Rating Very helpful and informative
12/04/2018 Rating Very informative and respectful to my situation , a further class act in my book! Felt low pressure and a mutual understanding to my specific need.
12/04/2018 Rating Quote was very reasonable. Person who helped me was helpful with questions I had about what coverage cost went and what they meant.
12/04/2018 Rating gave us better coverage than we had. friendly agent
12/04/2018 Rating I received great service from Kraig, he was very knowledgable and extremely helpful in finding me the best insurance rates available. Gordon, Kraig will be your agent throughout your time with the Good Sam Insurance Agency; that means if ever you need anything, you can just pick up the phone and call him. He'd love to help and provide the same five-star experience you just described above. Thanks again, Gordon!
12/04/2018 Rating great insurance at a great price
12/04/2018 Rating My experience was great. Your agents are very polite, professional, and understanding.
12/04/2018 Rating Excellent job