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Good Sam Insurance Agency Customer Reviews

The Good Sam Insurance Agency has been serving the needs of recreational vehicle owners for nearly 50 years. From our very first customer to the thousands we serve today, we have always prided ourselves on providing an excellent customer experience. We train our agents extensively to ensure that each and every customer gets the proper level of coverage for your unique RV lifestyle. Our goal is 100% complete customer satisfaction, and we’re pleased to earn some of the highest customer ratings in the industry. We encourage you to check out reviews from some of our current Good Sam Insurance customers below.
Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company In an effort to get reliable customer feedback relating to our products and services, the Good Sam Insurance Agency has partnered with Birdeye, a third-party reputation management company. The Good Sam Insurance Agency trusts Birdeye to aquire relevent, honest reviews about your experience with our Agency so we may better serve you as our customer.
Date Rating Customer Comment Our Response
07/18/2018 Rating There's was a great help in giving us a quote, and educating us on the differences in policies.
07/18/2018 Rating Shawn was great, new everything I needed to Know
07/17/2018 Rating Kind person, good explanation, and quick service
07/17/2018 Rating Everything went great, did it all over the phone. We made a big mistake and dropped Good Sam took us one month to correct the problem
07/17/2018 Rating Great prices easy to set up
07/17/2018 Rating The transfer from Colorado to South Dakota was great but later I found out that the refund of $489 was not correct it was $30 something.
07/17/2018 Rating Being new to RVing, when it came to ins I just went to our regular agent. This meant that we had one company for the new RV, and one company for the house and car. When we purchased the RV I was told some facts about Good Sam Ins. So finally last Friday I took some time and called. Got connected to agent Glenn Sufilka. I asked a few questions, then Glenn's professionalism took over, and he started telling me about all the benefits of having all three areas covered by one company. The RV ins. has an option that when the RV is in storage, my coverage cost would be less. I called National General Ins on Monday with a question, and the phone options had press #4 to place in or out of storage. Real simple, just what I like. Glenn went over the complete home owner's policy, same with the car, and the RV. Within minutes I had an email with all of the policy info. I have done service work for 50 years, and when I am impressed with the service of an insurance company, I want to tell everyone how GREAT the company is. I have always treated my customers like it was my Mom's house, and that is how Glenn made me feel, like part of the family.
07/17/2018 Rating it was good
07/17/2018 Rating Brandon Smith was patient and listened to me.
07/17/2018 Rating The repertsinative was very helpful and professional. Robin gave me plenty of options and made sure I understood the coverage and cost.
07/17/2018 Rating Affordable, friendly staffs, knowledgeable, customer friendly
07/17/2018 Rating Outstanding customer service. Tho process was very easy and worked well. Thank you for helping us realize our dream.
07/17/2018 Rating Good Sam rate was unbelievable my family and I was able to save by using Good Sam auto insurance I really believe their prices is unbeatable! We’re very satisfied with rate! Thanks Again!
07/17/2018 Rating Listened to my needs except the content costs were a little low for renter's insurance. Overall very satisfied
07/17/2018 Rating Always a pleasure dealing with Good Sam associates. They provide the right answer each time like talking to a friend.
07/17/2018 Rating Casey was knowledgeable about his product. He was helpful, patient with a good humor. I enjoyed the transaction. He treated me like a person not a number.
07/17/2018 Rating We were trying to leave on our trip, but an emergency repair delayed us. The agent was so helpful and kind. Really made me feel that she cared. Very helpful also!
07/17/2018 Rating Easy to get insured. Smooth process.
07/17/2018 Rating The process was very easy and quick. The cost of the insurance was great compared to other Rv insurance companies! Keep up the great work!
07/17/2018 Rating The process was very easy and quick. The cost of the insurance was great compared to other Rv insurance companies! Keep up the great work!
07/17/2018 Rating Very friendly great service
07/17/2018 Rating Mr. Ambre Whyte, was very knowledgeable and professional in providing our RV insurance needs.
07/17/2018 Rating Better coverage at lower rate . Thanks!
07/17/2018 Rating Very competent agent who was able to get my RV insured in mind minumul time.
07/17/2018 Rating I've cancelled it, since I decided not to buy the RV afterall. So nothing against you.
07/17/2018 Rating Every thing went well
07/17/2018 Rating Very informative
07/17/2018 Rating Easy to get answers for questions
07/17/2018 Rating Great exactly what I needed.
07/17/2018 Rating Good Sam made purchasing insurance on our RV a snap. Easy & affordable! I would recommend Good Sam to all my RV friends. Thanks for recommending the Good Sam Insurance Agency, Ronald. We'd love to hear from your fellow RVing friends, and encourage them to call us at 1-888-514-1116 to speak with an agent.
07/16/2018 Rating Excellent coverages for the price. Clear explanation of coverages. Fast and efficient service to change from existing. I am still waiting on info about an umbrella coverage. Patricia, we'll have your agent Dominic give you a call to better explain the umbrella option. Thanks for your excellent review!
07/16/2018 Rating I was very pleased with the RV insurance quote I received from the Good Sam Insurance Agency representative. He quickly assisted me, answered all my questions, and found a rate for my automobile's insurance that beat my auto discount I currently maintain through my house insurance. I would recommend Good Sam Insurance and its very professional agents!. Thank you so much for recommending the Good Sam Insurance Agency, Isobel. We would love to hear from your family and friends, and encourage them to call us at 1-888-514-1116 to speak to an agent.
07/16/2018 Rating it was fast and easy
07/16/2018 Rating Our second RV insured with you. Such a pleasure to do business with you. Fast, accurate and professional. A+ Thanks for coming back to the Good Sam Insurance Agency, George. We're truly honored to earn your business for a second time!
07/16/2018 Rating Spelled My name wrong but O well other than that it was a good experience page and palette could’ve cut it pretty bitch order but I guess he was doing his job
07/16/2018 Rating Everything was explained and a good rate.
07/16/2018 Rating Best rate I found, easy process, and nice people to work with.
07/16/2018 Rating Great website, easy to get a quote. Good follow up from agent and easy to execute the deal. Thanks for the feedback about, Eugene. We worked hard last year to redesign the site, and are so glad when we hear from customers who like the new experience. Thanks again for your feedback, Eugene, and welcome to the Good Sam family.
07/16/2018 Rating The service was excellent prices were good they were excellent
07/16/2018 Rating The service is excellent Maria was excellent on the phone I couldn't ask for any more than what they offered they were great
07/16/2018 Rating The agent was very nice and very helpful.
07/16/2018 Rating Very detailed and answered all questions.
07/16/2018 Rating Bryce was very professional, and a pleasure to work with. He understood our insurance needs and found just the right insurance for us, in a matter of minutes.
07/16/2018 Rating Great but am I suppose to do some business on this site within 3 days or just the survey. If just the survey I don’t like being lied to. I was told if I did not go see on line in 3 day I would lose my policy!!!!!
07/16/2018 Rating Friendly and reasonable rates
07/16/2018 Rating Very professional polite and informative
07/16/2018 Rating I needed insurance on motor home, employee of Camping World got agent on the phone, I told him what I needed he asked questions, I answered. Wm P. Smith Congratulations on your new motorhome, Mr. Smith. We're thrilled to hear that our friends at Camping World hooked you up with the Good Sam Insurance Agency. You can rest assured that you have the proper protection for your recreational vehicle when you hit the road.
07/16/2018 Rating Kristin was very knowledgeable and helpful. She made this a painless experience! Larry, we're glad to hear that Kristin provided an easy insurance experience. She will be your agent during the duration of your policy, and we encourage you to give her a call should you need anything. Thanks again, Larry, and welcome to the Good Sam family.
07/16/2018 Rating Fast and friendly and saved me money
07/16/2018 Rating Fast friendly and saves me money
07/16/2018 Rating Fast and friendly... saved me money!’
07/16/2018 Rating Curteous and knowledgeable associates that really strive to meet customer's expectations. Outstanding coverage options. However, policy rates seem to be a bit on the high side. William, thank you so much for your customer compliments. At the Good Sam Insurance Agency, we strive to provide insurance protection that meets each individual's needs and budget. We understand, however, that many factors go into the rate that's returned to you - like driving history, location and more. A change in any one of those things can impact your premium. When the time is right, we'd be happy to conduct a complimentary insurance review to see if there are any additional discounts or savings we can offer you. Simply let us know if that something that interests you, and we'll arrange a time for your agent to call you. Thanks again, William, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
07/16/2018 Rating Was speedy, friendly, and saved me money!!:)
07/15/2018 Rating Thorough, polite
07/15/2018 Rating Fast, polite, and good explanations.
07/15/2018 Rating Good Sam offered the best insurance quote for our travel trailer, it was very simple online
07/15/2018 Rating Very convenient and fast. Good service.
07/15/2018 Rating I had a fairly complicated request for adding a rv trailer onto a sale at an rv dealer (proof of insurance for a lender). "NicK at 314-493-8743, gave me a quote and helped me through the process. I was unable to purchase the rv at the time and he understood. I could call him all the time through the process, as I found items he requested...He helped the deal a lot and explained what I needed to give him to continue as we went a long. I asked for a quote for just the pull vehicle but the Good Sam premium was way too high compared to others I had found. I am a Good Sam member and wanted to try its insurance but it was way too high for the same coverage as another (Safeco) company. I thought Good Sam members would get a bigger discount for being a long time member but I guessed wrong. Long time members should get a break on G/S insurance. Since I don't own a trailer anymore, I don't feel the need to be a member any longer. When my membership expires, I will look elsewhere for my roadside and insurance needs...
07/15/2018 Rating Great experience and price adding my new wife’s car and house to my policy. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you for recommending the Good Sam Insurance Agency to your family and friends, Michael. Like you, if they bundle their Auto and Home policies, they can save up to 20% on their insurance premiums. Keep on sharing the good news!
07/15/2018 Rating I'm a happy camper! We love the expression, Deborah, but especially love it when our customers say it! Thanks for your excellent customer review of the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We sure are lucky to have you!
07/15/2018 Rating Very responsive, courteous, and helpful.
07/15/2018 Rating Very good service explained the details well
07/15/2018 Rating Good are standing.
07/15/2018 Rating Tim was very helpful. He made the experience very easy and was extremely friendly and informative.
07/15/2018 Rating Great great salesman
07/15/2018 Rating So far I’ve been impressed by the response of Good Sam and their eagerness to earn my business. My dad had insurance through them and recommended them to me. Adam, we're so glad that you followed in your dad's footsteps and know that you won't be disappointed in the coverages provided by your Good Sam policy. Thanks for being our customer, Adam. We love that insurance really is a family affair in your case!
07/14/2018 Rating Bring new to RVing, when it came time to select an insurance co., I just called our regular ins. agent. He had been good for cars and home, but did not give us the best policy options for the RV. It had to be with another company than our cars and home, could not all be with one company. As they say live and learn. We were Good Sam members from purchasing the RV. I had heard about the better options with Good Sam Ins.. I called yesterday, and agent Glenn Sufilka, asked about my needs, and recommended National General Insurance. Glenn told me that I can put the RV, home, and Cars with one company. One bill to arrive for payment once a year, instead of two at different times of the year. Glenn was GREAT. I told him that I was new to RVing, and Glenn showed his professionalism, and started with the usual questions. The BEST part was to listen to him explain the options. Then with the RV, when it is in storage for months at a time, the rate will drop because of the coverage needed while off the highways. A simple call is all that is needed to do the change. It was nice to hear my options over the phone with Glenn. You know, deductibles, and coverage. Then with in minutes I had the e-mails with all of the paperwork. Yes, I also saved $400.00 a year as a start. When the first RV trip is over this summer, and the RV goes back into storage, I will be saving money again. Almost forgot, the home insurance coverage is also better. Check into it and see for yourself. A BIG THANK YOU, to Glenn Sufilka, and his team. Just so you know who is writing this. I spent 25 years doing service on printers, and computers for Avery/Dennison (you know the address label company), and 22 years doing service & repair on kitchen and bath cabinets for Founders Kitchen & Bath, in Atlanta, GA. I am retired now, and it is nice knowing that Glenn and National General are looking out for my interest, and taking care of me the way that I took care of my customers, like it was for Mom. Jerome
07/14/2018 Rating Easy to obtain insurance for my RV online. Mary, we worked hard to make a customer-friendly website, and we're thrilled that it worked well for you. Welcome to the Good Sam family. We're honored to earn your business.
07/14/2018 Rating The agent was very polite and knowledgable.
07/14/2018 Rating The representative was attentive to my needs and got me just what I needed!
07/14/2018 Rating We were looking for a bond meeting cheaper than our prior GMAC/NCIS O policy, & saved a significant amount of money
07/14/2018 Rating My agent was great, and the process was fast. He made sure I completely understood what I was signing up for. I found the rates very competive too. Elise, we're glad to have you with the Good Sam Insurance Agency and thrilled that your agent provided you with the proper level of knowledge about your policy. We know there's a lot to know when it comes to insurance, and we're always here if you have any other questions. Thanks again, Elise, and welcome to the Good Sam family.
07/14/2018 Rating Our agent spent over two hours on the phone making sure we had all the coverage we needed for our RV and autos. He was very nice, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We saved so much that I kept asking if it was correct! I highly recommend them. Karen, the price your agent told you is definitely correct, but we love that you thought it was too good to be true! :) Thanks so much for your feedback, Karen. We're honored to earn your business for both RV and Auto.
07/14/2018 Rating Very informative and works to get the best cover for your money
07/14/2018 Rating Took 48 hours to process initiate Roadside Assist program. Too money immediately though! Then when I called back 48 hours later, I was informed it had only been 24 hours. Totally wrong. So, I called State Farm and gave them my business after canceling Good Sam Roadside AND Insurance.
07/14/2018 Rating The insurance quote and agent were nice but the Camping World in Pooler Ga where we bought the camper. The finance person did not go over the fees for your extras and also over charged is for other stuff as well. We will be cancelling the good Sam warranty and also getting our insurance from another company as well. We will never again grace the doors of a Camping world.
07/13/2018 Rating Stacey did a fantastic job of putting together a bundled policy that perfectly met our needs. She spent time explaining what routes we could take and which ones would be good for our lifestyle. Only a slight hiccup of a delay in a return call and one very bad phone connection. But all was rectified, and we ended up with great policies at a great price! If claims service is as good as your agent's, we plan on this being a long-time connection!! We regret to hear that you had a spotty experience at first, but are thrilled to hear that Stacey was able to bring things back to a more appropriate response level. We know that sometimes our agents get busy, but it's important to us that our agents are able to follow through in a timely manner. Thanks for your feedback, Virginia, and welcome to the Good Sam family.
07/13/2018 Rating revised and updated review,,, i called customer service, got great assistance and can now log in to my account, i do exist after all !!! thank you for all your help so sorry i didn't write down her name,, thanks a million Thanks for updating your review, Diane. We appreciate the new feedback and are so glad that you felt like a valued customer of the Good Sam Insurance Agency. If you need anything else, just know that we're only a call or click away. Thanks again and welcome to the Good Sam family.
07/13/2018 Rating getting insurance was swift, but i cannot log in to my account, says i do not exist, well then how did i print out my ID card? very frustrating. i cannot retrieve my user name or password.
07/13/2018 Rating I was very happy with the person that helped me with my RV insurance. He was very personable and I was very satisfied. Thanks so much, Carl! We're thrilled to hear that obtaining RV Insurance was an easy, informative process for you. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to give the Good Sam Insurance Agency a call. Any of our licensed agents is trained and able to help with your RV Insurance needs. Thanks again, Carl, and have a good weekend!
07/13/2018 Rating Very helpful and courteous. Everything was explained to us. Agent helped in getting the best deal for our situation.
07/13/2018 Rating Very pleasant experience, price was as quoted!
07/13/2018 Rating saved me money with ease
07/13/2018 Rating Great customer service. Fast and friendly. Great rates
07/13/2018 Rating I love the insurance if Ipay my payment Im good to drive
07/13/2018 Rating very helpfull We're so glad to hear that, George. Please know that the Good Sam Insurance Agency is always here to help. Thanks for being our customer!
07/13/2018 Rating Great costomer service with all the choices and infomation to make a great decision. Thanks again Samuel On behalf of Samuel and the rest of the Good Sam Insurance Agency, you are so welcome. We're glad to hear that we could help you to make an informed insurance decision. If you need anything else, Thomas, please don't hesitate to give us a call.
07/13/2018 Rating I was able to secure the insurance for even less than the year before. The agent was knowledgeable and quickly took care of all my needs.
07/13/2018 Rating Customer Rep. was GREAT!! Kind! Now's his job & how to talk to people. He was very pleasant to my Wife & I. We are happy with this experience on finding new insurance for our RV. Thank You, Kevin L. Thanks to you and your wife, Kevin. The Good Sam Insurance Agency takes pride in insuring your recreational vehicle and appreciates your business. We look forward to serving your insurance needs and hearing about your RV adventures along the way.
07/13/2018 Rating Jeff Fairchild did an awesome job getting us what we needed for our new 5th wheel! Thanks Jeff! You are so welcome, Daniel. We look forward to sharing your review with Jeff, as well as his supervisor. And if you have any questions about your new 5th wheel policy, definitely be sure to ask. We want to ensure that you have the information you need during your RV trips. Thanks again, Daniel, and welcome to the Good Sam family!
07/12/2018 Rating Better rates than i expected!
07/12/2018 Rating Your Agent Joe Daffern answered all my questions. He thoroughly explained any and all my concerns. I called more than one agent...and company. So after analyzing all the information, I went with Joe and with Foremost. It's important to me to have an agent I can call on and is very knowledgeable.. And a friend recently had an experience with Foremost and was pleased with the way Foremost handled her claim. Linda, you are so correct. It's important that you feel comfortable with the agent and policy you purchased, and we're so glad that you made that connection with Joe. Both Joe and the Good Sam Insurance Agency will be there should you ever have any other needs or questions pertaining to your insurance portfolio. Thanks again, Linda.
07/12/2018 Rating Marissa, was very helpful and friendly. I felt the cost of the insurance was reasonable too.
07/12/2018 Rating The agent was very friendly and looked hard to get me the correct coverage. This situation of Nationwide dropping my coverage should never have happened and he helped me out of a jam. William, we're sorry to hear that you experienced trouble with your last insurance provider, but are glad that we could bring you into the Good Sam family. We're always here if you have any questions or need anything else.
07/12/2018 Rating GiGi Thomas was very helpful and answered all my questions. That's great to hear, Wayne; thanks for letting us know. If you need anything else, we hope you'll give GiGi and your friends at the Good Sam Insurance Agency a call. Thanks, again!
07/12/2018 Rating Vergil Bobo was very professional. He was not pushy, but very thorough. Brian, we're glad to hear that Vergil was so helpful. He is one of the Good Sam agents we frequently receive feedback about, so we're not surprised to receive your five-star review. We thank you for your feedback, Brian, and will be sure to share it with Vergil and his supervisor. Thanks again!
07/12/2018 Rating Excellent service. Very helpful.
07/12/2018 Rating Gerald was my contact. He was polite, knowlegable and not pushy!
07/12/2018 Rating Very helpful with finding policy that fits our needs for the best price.
07/12/2018 Rating A pleasant experience. My agent I talked to was extremely knowledgeable
07/12/2018 Rating Representative was clear, knowledgeable and provided answers to all my questions.
07/12/2018 Rating This salesman had ALL the tools and knew how to use them to help me switch all of my insurance from Allstate and Travelers. I know I saved money, only time will tell, if it was a really good idea. Harry, thank you so much for making the switch to the Good Sam Insurance Agency. By switching, you likely saved as much as 20% on your insurance premium. We know that's a good idea and know that you'll also agree in time. Thanks again, Harry!
07/12/2018 Rating Very professional and friendly. The process was very quick.
07/12/2018 Rating Excellent telephone service for a new RV policy. As it should be, William! Thank you so much for entrusting the Good Sam Insurance Agency with the care of your Recreational Vehicle. Whether you own a 5th wheel, travel trailer, or Airstream, the Good Sam Insurance Agency understands your needs and looks forward to serving them.
07/12/2018 Rating Great experience so far.
07/12/2018 Rating Ryan was outstanding. He answered all my questions. I felt his best interest was to get me into the right model for me based on needs and budget. I got friendly top notch service. I enjoyed my time there and felt very welcomed. Emilio, we're so glad to hear that you enjoyed your experience at the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We are so glad to hear that you connected with Ryan and that he was able to help provide you with the guidance and information you needed. It sounds like you were able to select an insurance policy that really worked for you and your budget. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to give Ryan a call. Thanks again, Emilio, and welcome to the Good Sam family.
07/12/2018 Rating Easy, fast, friendly and best of all very good prices for by far the best coverage. Offers options on RV insurance that other companies don’t. You are correct, Brandy. The Good Sam Insurance Agency understands the needs of RVers, and loves to serve them. In fact, we encourage you to share your review and your experience with other RVers. Thanks for being a Good Sam customer, Brandy. We appreciate your business greatly!
07/12/2018 Rating Was efficient and quick process. Loved such a simple and efficient process!❤️
07/12/2018 Rating Great people and experience, this is my first camper and it has been a wonderful experience! Congratulations on the purchase of your new RV, Stanley. If you haven't already, we encourage you to check out our new 2018 RV ebook, which can be found here: It has so many useful tips and tricks designed to help RVers stay safe on the road and have fun. Take a look and let us know what you think!
07/12/2018 Rating I got what I needed in a short time plus some help/suggestion/advice along the way.
07/12/2018 Rating Our Insurance representative Ms. Pam H. was just fantastic, meaning she knows her product and can and did answer all questions without a problem. The insurance was tailored to our need very well and our normal ins. carrier couldn't touch it, or even come close to the policy we got. We shopped for RV insurance and went with the Good Sam people. Thank you for choosing the Good Sam Insurance Agency, Charles. As the RV Insurance experts, we're confident that you made the right decision. Thanks again for your business, as well as your excellent customer review!
07/12/2018 Rating I had to cancel a homeowners policy and do a change of address to a policy for another home and cars. Lymell walked me through the changes necessary to make this all happen. He spent a lot of time with me and was very knowledgeable and helpful. Stanley, we're glad to hear that Lymell was able to assist you with the change to your home insurance, as well as your other insurance policy. Whether you're bundling, adding or doing something else, your Good Sam agent can always assist you with whatever insurance needs you may have. Welcome to the Good Sam family, Stanley. We're lucky to have customers like you!
07/12/2018 Rating Sales personnel were easy to work with. They worked extra hard on the financing aspect of the camper. Worked with us on delivery. We sign the paperwork tomorrow. I hope this relationship continues after the sale and they back their product if we have problems . Stanley, it sounds like you really had an awesome experience at Camping World. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us. We'll be sure to share it with our friends at Camping World and know that your five-star experience will continue with the Good Sam family for years to come.
07/12/2018 Rating Great experience knowledgeable Rep.
07/12/2018 Rating So far it is a great start! We are changing to a Good Sam
07/12/2018 Rating Agent was helpful and knowledgeable. Saved me money on auto, travel trailer and homeowners. I have better coverage for my travel trailer and homeowners policies. True test for the company is how it performs on a claim if need be. Robert, we're certainly up to the test! As someone who entrusted us with the care of your insurance portfolio, we know that you won't be disappointed in our claims process,either.In fact, we currently have a 4.8 star rating with customers, which we're extremely proud to earn. Thanks for being a customer of the Good Sam Insurance Agency, Robert. We're thrilled to earn your business.
07/12/2018 Rating If I wanted Progressive insurance I would have called them directly. I would think you all would have more than 2 options. Also, the insurance when up over 200 dollars a year. I will be shopping around in the next couple of months to find some other options.
07/12/2018 Rating Wonderful insurance agent helped me find the right policy at the right price. Thanks Good Sam! You are so welcome, Barbara! Welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency!
07/12/2018 Rating excellent was very helpful, pleasant, professional in handling the change Connie
07/12/2018 Rating Great Service Thank you so much, Donald. The Good Sam Insurance Agency appreciates your excellent customer review, as well as your business. If you have any additional insurance needs we can help you with, we hope you'll think of us.
07/12/2018 Rating Felt pressured into rolling everything into the insurance to bundle instead of just being quoted for the rv and was told that the quote through my current insurance provider was more expensive just to find out 3 days later it was not. Then when I tried to cancel the policy was told that my $300+ deposit was nonrefundable
07/12/2018 Rating Started with a new to us Rv, I liked all the helpful staff. So we added our autos last year, then added our home this month. Stephen, thank you for continuing to entrust the care of all of your insurance assets to the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We know you have many providers from which to choose, and are honored that you chose us. We know you have a lot invested in your insurance portfolio and are pleased to provide the protection you deserve.
07/12/2018 Rating Started with a new to us Rv, I liked all the helpful staff. So we added our autos last year, then added our home this month.
07/12/2018 Rating Tyjuan was so helpful and courteous.
07/12/2018 Rating With good Sam insurance company, I got a good discount, fast and friendly service. In fact my representative went way out of his way to accommodate me. I’m very pleased with their service. Becky, thanks for sharing a little bit about your experience with the Good Sam Insurance Agency. We love to hear that your Good Sam agent exceeded your expectations, and know that you will continue to have those same kinds of experiences going forward. If you need anything else, just let us know.
07/12/2018 Rating My experience buying a policy was quick and pleasant and your insurance is very affordable, thank you.
07/11/2018 Rating Good price
07/11/2018 Rating Best price we have found..
07/11/2018 Rating Trent was persistent and was determined and did a great job and sorted my issues and found me a great deal on insurance Sounds like his persistence really paid off, Christopher, and we're so glad! The Good Sam Insurance Agency is honored to have you as a customer and looks forward to serving your insurance needs.
07/11/2018 Rating Johann was polite, knowledgeable, and efficient. The insurance rates were very competitive.
07/11/2018 Rating Very essy to work with when comparing the differances between policys.
07/11/2018 Rating We just got our first Airstream and the dealership recommended Good Sam Insurance. Jon was very courteous and efficient. Great experience. Much better rate than our auto insurer. Congratulations on the purchase of your new Airstream, Laura! What an exciting time,which we're lucky to be apart of in some small way. We know you have many fun RVing adventures ahead of you, and we're happy to help provide you with peace of mind protection when you head out. Thanks for being a Good Sam customer, Laura!
07/11/2018 Rating Simple, quick, and a very good rate.
07/11/2018 Rating Great presentation knew what they were talking about. Checked it against two other insurance companies and they didn’t come close to your coverage. Very happy. David, we're glad to hear that you did your homework. We always recommend that our customers seek out other insurance quotes before selecting the Good Sam Insurance Agency to ensure that they're getting a price and product that truly fits their needs. In the end, we're of course glad that you landed with the Good Sam family and know that you will be pleased with the features and benefits provided by your policy for a long time.
07/11/2018 Rating Quick response and listened to what I needed and saved me 135.00 a month Wow, Sherry, that adds up to over $1600 in savings a year! We can think of dozens of ways to spend that kind of money, and know that it will really come in handy for you. Congratulations on your savings, Sherry, and welcome to the Good Sam Insurance Agency.
07/11/2018 Rating Not too bad, explained the policy well and even though it was a little more money, the specialized trailer insurance is worth it Joseph, we couldn't agree more. It's so important to have the proper protection for your recreational vehicle, and we're glad that you entrusted the Good Sam Insurance Agency to do so. We do, however, offer other insurance types, as well. If we can add an auto, home or renter's policy to your premium and save you as much as 20%, just let us know. Thanks again, Joseph. We appreciate your business and your review.
07/11/2018 Rating Did not cover what was promised and paid for.
07/11/2018 Rating Great Agent to discuss Policy's with and Progressive has the best rates as well as coverage. Well Pleased!!!
07/11/2018 Rating friendly and very informative about RV ins. Jeff, our agents at the Good Sam Insurance Agency are passionate about the RV industry, and we're glad you noticed. If ever you have any questions about your recreational vehicle insurance, just let us know. We'd be happy to provide you with any guidance necessary to help you have fun and stay safe during your RV trips.