Class B Motorhome

The Class B

The Good Sam Insurance Agency is passionate about RVing. Our RV expertise and highly trained agents make us the perfect choice when it comes to RV insurance – whether you own a travel trailer or a Class B Motorhome.
A Class B motorhome uses a traditional van or truck shell and converts into a mini home on wheels. These camping vans range in size from 16-22 feet in length and can sleep up to four people. To allow for extra height, most Class B's use a raised roof or dropped-floor van, which allows travelers to stand up inside the rig.
The Class B can go almost anywhere. Its minimal size fits nicely in even the smallest camping sites. Class B's offer many of the same features of their Class A and Class C counterparts. The difference is everything is much smaller.
The Class B+ has also evolved into a favorite for those looking for easy parking, but more space. A Class B+ is built on a van frame with an oversized wide body style. The Class B+ offers an innovative use of space including floor plans with built in murphy beds and full-size bathrooms. The Class B+ will usually include at least one slide out for extra interior space.
Class B's include small galley kitchens, dining areas that often convert into sleeping areas and a couch that converts into a bed. Bathrooms are cubicle size, but many include all in one shower/bathroom combinations. Class B's feature air conditioning, extendable awnings, and battery, solar, or hook up electricity.
Class B exteriors often carry a bike or kayak rack, and some floor plans offer double doors that open for interior storage. Unlike their larger counterparts, these RV's offer minimal outside storage. Some owners choose to add a car top carrier for additional luggage.
You can park just about anywhere with a Class B and due to its small size, there is no need to pull a tow car.
Need to tow? No problem. Many Class B's can pull lightweight trailers, kayaks or even a boat.

Class B Motorhome Insurance - The Good Sam Difference

The Good Sam Insurance Agency offers Class B motorhomes complete, full-featured protection. Our specialized RV insurance coverage goes well beyond any ordinary auto insurance. We understand the intricacies of owning an RV, and know that it’s more than just protecting your vehicle in a crash; that’s why Good Sam Insurance policies cover everything from awnings and generators to retractable stairs.
Let’s face it: at some point in your RV career you may need to make a claim; now is the time to ensure you have complete, comprehensive coverage; that way our exceptional staff is there to help in the event of a claim. Good Sam Insurance claims professionals will ensure your complete satisfaction and provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward.