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If you're a full-time RVer and live in your recreational vehicle, you need coverage similar to Homeowners.

Whatever vehicle you drive, under-inflated tires are unsafe and costly.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Designed to protect your residence and also your peace of mind.

Top RVing Mishaps

From floods to fires, Good Sam Insurance Agents have seen it all. Many of the RV claims we deal with year after year, however, remain the same. Check out these common RVing mishaps and tips on how to avoid them.
  1. Tire Blowouts
  2. Refrigerator Fires and Propane Leaks
  3. Hitting Gas Station Overhangs and Bridges
  4. Forgetting to Retract Steps and Awnings
  5. Animal Infestation

Tire Blowouts
Tire Blowout Tire failure is the cause of 60% to 70% of all Good Sam Insurance claims. Tires usually blow out as a result of an overloaded RV, improper inflation or excessively worn tread. Follow these simple tire safety tips to stay safe on the road:
  • Check your tire pressure monthly, and before starting any trip. Check the air pressure when tires are cold
  • Don’t let air out of a hot tire because it may be underinflated when the tire cools
  • Level your RV and chock the wheels whenever it will be parked for a couple of days or longer
  • If a tire is punctured, have it dismounted and professionally repaired
  • Replace any tire that is over five years old, even if it looks new
  • Keep your tires covered when your RV is off the road
  • Know the weight of your RV (when loaded) and make sure your tires are rated appropriately

If you do have a claim as a result of a tire blowout or other covered mishap, rest assured that the Good Sam Insurance Agency will provide the specialized protection you need. For example, if your RV and tow vehicle are ever involved in the same covered accident, you’ll only be responsible for one deductible – not two – when you put your RV and auto on one convenient policy; Plus, you’ll earn a multi-vehicle discount of up to 20%.
And if your covered claim involves damage to your hitch, your Good Sam Insurance policy will cover your entire hitch assembly at full replacement cost. When you insure both your auto and RV with the Good Sam Insurance Agency, you don’t have to worry.

Refrigerator Fires and Propane Leaks
Gas Leak We receive hundreds of claims a year due to refrigerator fires caused by malfunctions in the fridge’s cooling system. A rig can burn up in minutes as a result of these malfunctions.
When it comes to your RV refrigerator, familiarize yourself with the make and model and always be on the lookout for recalls. Bookmark the manufacturer’s website and periodically check for recalls or other safety information.
Also be sure to follow these basic guidelines:
  • Do not drive with your refrigerator running on the propane setting
  • Make sure your engine and any propane appliances are turned off before refueling
  • Be sure your oven or stove burners are completely off when not in use
  • Be certain that older propane tanks have an overfill protection device
  • Install a propane gas detector
  • Check exhaust and intake vents for any blockages

If the unthinkable does occur and your recreational vehicle is damaged or lost to fire, the RV claims experts at The Good Sam Insurance Agency will get you back on the road as quickly as possible. And with the Good Sam Insurance Agency’s Personal Belongings Coverage, your belongings inside your RV – from laptops to linens – are automatically insured for full replacement cost up to $3,000 at no extra charge. You can even add more coverage if you need it.
Plus, if you have The Good Sam Insurance Agency’s Optional Full Replacement Cost Coverage and your RV is totaled or stolen (and not recovered) in its first five model years, it will be replaced with a comparable new RV, even if you’re not the original owner. After the first five model years, you will receive your full original purchase price — not a depreciated amount — toward the purchase of the replacement RV. It could save you thousands by protecting you from depreciation.

Hitting Gas Station Overhangs and Bridges
Overhangs You’d be surprised how many Good Sam Insurance claims are the result of forgetting an RV’s height. In order to avoid this common accident, create a constant reminder by posting a sticky note with your RV’s height on your dashboard – and be sure to take into account any antennas or other rooftop attachments.
If you do incur damage to your RV because of inadequate clearance or another mishap, the Good Sam Insurance Agency will work with you to have the repairs completed as quickly as possible. We have an extensive network of RV Repair facilities that will complete your repairs with the backing of a lifetime guarantee. We can work with the shop of your choice, or we can send an appraiser out to inspect your RV. Depending on the extent of damage, we can even work with mobile repair vendors to have your RV fixed without even having to take it to a shop!
Other insurers may ask you to pay not only for minor repairs, but also for a service call. The Good Sam Insurance Agency is designed to pay for both your service call and for covered claims repairs (minus your deductible). And if you do find yourself stranded, The Good Sam Insurance Agency Emergency Expense Allowance will even help pay for food, lodging and travel expenses.

Forgetting to Retract Steps and Awnings
It’s easy to forget things when you’re eager to move on to your next RVing adventure or are wrapping up your vacation. So it’s no surprise that many Good Sam Insurance claims are the result of forgetting to retract steps or awnings – or otherwise ensure that your RV is completely ready to get back on the road.
Before starting your engine, avoid common RVing mistakes by:
  • Being sure that awnings, jacks and steps are fully retracted
  • Ensuring that sewer, water and power are disconnected
  • Double-checking safety lines and tow bars
  • Making sure that all brakes are functioning properly
  • Checking intakes and exhausts for blockages
  • Closing and latching bay doors

If you happen to nip an overhang, a branch or what have you, don’t fret. With Good Sam VIP’s Permanent Attachments Coverage, your awnings, rubber roofs, antennas, tow kits, levelers and more are automatically insured for the full amount it would cost to replace them — not a depreciated amount.

Animal Infestation
When your RV sits empty over the winter months, mice, squirrels and other animals can make it their home, chew through wires and lines, and cause other mayhem. Damage from these unwelcome critters is generally NOT covered by insurance, so it’s best to scare away unwanted pests by starting your motorhome periodically, even during the off-season. If you have a trailer, you can either pull it around the block or lightly bang on the walls to achieve a similar result.
You should always maintain your comprehensive coverage to protect your RV against threats like animals, fire, storms, wind and theft; however, the Good Sam Insurance Storage Option lets you save money by suspending the coverages you don’t need during the months your RV isn’t being used.
The Storage Option allows you to “turn off” your liability and collision coverages to reduce your premium by an average of 53% when you’re not using your RV. Just six months of this exclusive Storage Option could save you up to $400.